7 Ways to Sell More Handmade Jewellery

Sell more handmade jewellery

Just a few weeks away and it will be Christmas!  Love it or loathe it, if you have a business selling your handmade crafts, this could be one of the most lucrative time of year for creative businesses.

Over the next few weeks, people will be looking to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones, including family, friends and colleagues.  For many people, this is the only time of year they will be spending money on gifts and may have saved up all year for a Christmas shopping spree. In the UK, the average spend per household on Christmas is over £450.

One of the most popular gifts given at Christmas, year after year is beautiful jewellery.  This is often a favourite because jewellery can be worn and generally last for many years, therefore having sentimental value.

7 ways to sell more of your jewellery this year is as follows:

1.   Choose The Right Craft Shows

Not all craft shows are equal!  There are numerous events available, each one attracting different types of shoppers, with various interests, disposable levels of income and intentions.  Doing some research and asking questions of the organiser before booking will help you to decide whether an event is right for you and to rule out ones which are not.  By not researching events, you can waste precious time and money going to ones which are not right for you and where your customers are not in attendance. Taking a little time to research events can mean better overall results and sales.

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2.  Set A Goal

Knowing what you want to achieve BEFORE you attend your craft show will help to manage expectations. We all want to attend craft shows and sell out, taking hundreds or thousands of pounds over the course of the event – How lovely that would be!  Decide how much products you want to sell or how much money you want to take over the course of the event, then make a plan to achieve it. Be determined to achieve your goal – by hook or by crook!

3.  Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Prepare, and prepare well for each event. Get organised, taking along everything you will need for the day, both for your personal needs and sales approach.  Don’t forget to take good quality lighting too – shoppers need to clearly see your products if they are going to buy.  Although a venue will have lighting, this is no way near sufficient, particularly if you sell small items or products with details.  I invested in good quality daylight lamps and always had them with me at every craft show.  Now, I cannot say 100% if having a couple of these lamps contributed to my sales, but what I noticed was my sales increased significantly over time and with the use of the lamps compared to in my early days before I used them.

For more information on other craft fair essentials, please see my article entitled “Craft Fair Essentials”.

In particular, jewellery needs to be seen and viewed in good light and every jewellery show window has good lighting.  The Kenley Natural Floorlamp as seen above is a product I can recommend as the daylight lamp it will not only make a difference to your products but also is so useful around the home, particularly when crafting.

4.  Ensure your products are clearly priced

Take the time you need as part of your preparation to price all your products clearly, or alternatively, develop a pricing system which may include items being colour coded which relates to a certain price.  However, you choose to do it, ensure your pricing is clear and does not cause confusion.

5.  Maximise your space to its limits!

When you purchase a table at your craft show, check with the organiser, what space you will have access to.  Sometimes, you will have quite a bit of space either side of your table which can be utilised. If this is the case, then make the most of it by using cabinets, pop up banners to create a light, air and interesting space.

Alternatively, if you only have a small amount of space at the side of your table, then consider using a small table angled in a way to extend your main table a little further.

Don’t forget to get vertical! Research from the UK Retail Industry clearly identifies that the fastest selling products are those set out at eye level, with those above and below eye level being receiving slower sales.  Therefore, create your display, not just on the table top but at varying eye levels.  Also consider whether you can create your display without a table, using creative display boards and or other creative methods to attract attention.

5.  Build Rapport with Shoppers!

People buy from people they know, like and trust!  Its an old saying, but so true.  At a craft show, you will have seconds to build trust and show your likeable personality.  Start with making eye contact and a warm friendly smile. This is the first step to starting a conversation which can lead to sales.  Have a repertoire of conversation openers ready, full of open questions, friendly comments and the occasional funny story, and draw on them as required.  This can help put your customer at ease and lead into a gentle sell.

6.  Speak to Sell

Unfortunately, the popular myth that products sell themselves is not true!  Sorry – but it just isn’t.  People sell products!  More importantly, it is the skill of salesperson which results in sales.

Have you ever been to a shop and your intention is to browse but then you meet the “salesperson” and get involved in a friendly conversation.  After a few minutes, you find yourself at the checkout, spending money on items you had no intention of buying?  Yes, its happened to me – many times!  This is not due to the pushy skills of the salesperson (this would make me and many people run for the hills) but rather the skills of the seller.  Likewise, to sell at craft shows, it is important to develop our friendly sales skills to avoid being pushy or passive.   Being pushy can turn people off and make them walk away quickly, as we can come across as desperate.  On the other hand, if you don’t skillfully engage people in conversation, we can come across as uninterested in the shopper, our products and business. This can also make people walk away.


7.  Collect Contact Details

At every opportunity, whether you sell or not at a craft show, do ask people for their email address.  This can be done in various non-invasive ways such as running a prize draw.  By collecting contact details, you are building your own marketplace which you will be able to send details of your special offers and new collections.  Collecting contact details from people who show an interest in your work online is easy too.

As a Creative Business Expert, Author, Coach and Mentor, with experience of selling at over 300 craft show, I have helped thousands of people start their creative business and achieve the sales they want and deserve.

For more information, tips and inspiration, please check out my books on my website at Jewellery & Crafts Academy.com









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