Craft Fair Essentials

Craft fair essentials list


I loved attending craft fairs, however, when I started, my stall was not as good as it could be if I am honest.  My focus really was on enjoying the process of making my products and little thought was given to actually selling my work.  After going to my first few events, I quickly noticed how “professional looking ” other stallholders presented their work, and along with that, saw customers stopping, looking and buying.  Unfortunately, people walked past my stall because my presentation was poor.  Over time, I invested in myself and my little business and saw my sales grow as I learnt “how to sell” my work, including how to present myself and my offerings.

The following is a list of things I invested in for my business and which I still have today. All of these items came in handy around the home when I was not out at craft fairs and could be used inside and outside too – Bonus!

Folding Table

A strong and sturdy table is necessary for craft fairs.  Some craft fair organisers will provide a table, but not all, so do check.  Continue reading “Craft Fair Essentials”

Choosing Your Craft Fair

Learn how to choose the right craft fair to sell your handmade jewellery and crafts

Crafting is trendy! It is a popular pastime and people are getting involved in a wide range of craft interests.  In the past few years, more and more people are turning their crafting hobby into a way to make extra money, either to supplement an income or as a full or part-time career path.  With the increase of people wanting to sell their work, there are more outlets to choose from ever before, ranging from small school fairs, church events and community centre gatherings, right up to regional and national events held in large exhibition centres.

After doing over 300 craft shows over many years, I have learnt a huge amount about selling through this method and have included my top three tops which are as follows:

Tip 1:  Location:  Think carefully about where the event you are considering will be.  For example, will it be in an area which will attract passing customers?.  Continue reading “Choosing Your Craft Fair”

7 Ways to Sell More Handmade Jewellery

Sell more handmade jewellery

Just a few weeks away and it will be Christmas!  Love it or loathe it, if you have a business selling your handmade crafts, this could be one of the most lucrative time of year for creative businesses.

Over the next few weeks, people will be looking to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones, including family, friends and colleagues.  For many people, this is the only time of year they will be spending money on gifts and may have saved up all year for a Christmas shopping spree. In the UK, the average spend per household on Christmas is over £450.

One of the most popular gifts given at Christmas, year after year is beautiful jewellery.  This is often a favourite because jewellery can be worn and generally last for many years, therefore having sentimental value.

7 ways to sell more of your jewellery this year is as follows:

1.   Choose The Right Craft Shows

Not all craft shows are equal!  There are numerous events available, each one attracting different types of shoppers, with various interests, disposable levels of income and intentions.  Doing some research and asking questions of the organiser before booking will help you to decide whether an event is right for you and to rule out ones which are not.  By not researching events, you can waste precious time and money going to ones which are not right for you and where your customers are not in attendance. Continue reading “7 Ways to Sell More Handmade Jewellery”